Republic of Palau

Jackson M. Henry

Chair - Palau Chapter

A multifaceted professional with a lengthy track record in international banking, real estate brokerage and land surveying, Jackson applies a deep sense of integrity throughout his commercial dealings.  His passion for developing the island of Palau and island nations throughout Micronesia in a sustainable and culturally respectful manner, are at the forefront of everything he does.

Professional Experience

Prior to returning to his home country of Palau, Jackson held senior positions in the Commercial Loan divisions at Bank of Guam and First Hawaiian Bank. After years of dedicated service he applied his ample financial experience to the development needs of the Republic of Palau, where he went on to establish a professional real estate and land surveying agency to help guide Palau’s development along a path of sustainability and economic growth.

Going on two decades, Jackson is currently the Managing Director of Summit Realty, Palau’s principal broker. He is frequently entrusted by both local Palauan land owners and international investors, who are keen to pursue their dream to develop the islands in the Palau archipelago in a responsible fashion.

External Appointments

His most recognizable appointment is his Ambassadorship to Taiwan on behalf of the Republic of Palau. Subsequently Jackson assumed the chairmanship of the Palau Visitors Authority and Financial Services Committee of the Palau Chamber of Commerce.

Jackson holds active and former memberships at the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, American Association of Stock Dealers and Guam Board of Realtors.


As a proud graduate student from Xavier High School in Chuuk State (FSM), he has laid the foundation for his further studies in the USA. Jackson obtained his MBA from the City University of Seattle, preceded by his BBA (Management & Finance) from the University of Spokane.

Country Report

After three decades as part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific under US administration, this westernmost cluster of the Caroline Islands opted for independence in 1978 rather than join the Federated States of Micronesia. A Compact of Free Association with the US was approved in 1986 but not ratified until 1993. It entered into force the following year when the islands gained independence.


The Republic of Palau is an archipelago of hundreds of islands, located just above the equator in the North Pacific Ocean, just southeast of the Philippines.

Land Mass

459 km2

Official Languages

English, Palauan, Japanese, Sonsorolese, Tobian



Head of State

Surangel Whipps Jr.




Unitary Parliamentary Republic


The economy is dominated by tourism, fishing, and subsistence agriculture. Government is a major employer of the work force relying on financial assistance from the US under the Compact of Free Association (Compact) with the US that took effect after the end of the UN trusteeship on 1 October 1994. The US provided Palau with roughly $700 million in aid for the first 15 years following commencement of the Compact in 1994 in return for unrestricted access to its land and waterways for strategic purposes. The population enjoys a per capita income roughly double that of the Philippines and much of Micronesia.

Business and leisure tourist arrivals reached a record 167,966 in 2015, a 14.4% increase over the previous year, but fell to 138,408 in 2016. Long-run prospects for tourism have been bolstered by the expansion of air travel in the Pacific, the rising prosperity of industrial East Asia, and the willingness of foreigners to finance infrastructure development. Proximity to Guam, the region’s major destination for tourists from East Asia, and a regionally competitive tourist infrastructure enhance Palau’s advantage as a destination.

Gross Domestic Product

USD 264 million total
USD 14,700 per capita

External Debt

USD 97.96 million


USD 23.17 million


United States Dollar (USD)

Import - Partners

Japan 51.3%
USA 15.8%
India 13.8%
Guam 8%

Export - Partners

USA 33.4%
Guam 15.8%
Japan 15.7%
China 13.5%
South Korea 5.3%

Unemployment Rate


Population below poverty line


Public Debt

25.5% of GDP

IDD Country Code



Republic of Palau