Statement - Board of Trustees

The Pacific Islands Heritage Foundation (PIHF) is a nonprofit corporation focused on heritage in sustainable local development, with its Operational Headquarters in Manila, Philippines. We currently operate a Secretariat in Saipan, CNMI and a Sub-Regional Office for Micronesia, located in the Republic of Palau. A further two satellite offices are planned in Melanesia and Polynesia to promote collaboration and efficiency.

We are the product of a long-standing relationship between international experts and philanthropists inspired by or exposed to business, culture and trade across the Pacific. The PIHF was conceptualized in 2018, when we initially began interpreting the need to promote local natural and cultural heritage towards foreign corporations, transacting business across Oceania.

Today, the growing call for heritage preservation in the Pacific continues to provide examples of how the priorities of local residents are not being accurately assessed in relation to foreign direct investment and sustainable development.

At the PIHF, we have been working hard in the background to become a publicly recognizable platform. We have spent considerable time over the last years, cultivating the interests of supporter relationships in the public and private sectors at all levels, from grassroots to the global.

Island nations in the Pacific Ocean have been busily transforming their world by honoring the past and making a firm commitment to the future. Where relevant, the PIHF seeks to provide assistance to bring the world’s most unique cultural and natural heritage to the fore in sustainable development in Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

We have identified the most critical focus areas that warrant our attention, including Cultural & Natural Heritage, Education, Health & Well-Being, and Social & Economic Development. With an extensive network in and outside the region, we are able to offer and support expert-led services, projects and programs that embody the values of heritage and stewardship, while simultaneously pointing forward.


We foresee a sustainable Pacific Islands region inspired by its many rich and deeply rooted heritages.


It is our mission to place a premium on the cultural and natural landscapes of the Pacific Islands, and become the preferred partner and network for those who embrace heritage and stewardship as essential to the sustainable future of the Pacific Islands region.


Increased attention to and investment in placing cultural and natural heritage at the heart of sustainable development in the Pacific Islands region.

4 Core Values


Continually explore and bring to light new knowledge, ideas, and better ways of making impactful connections, while supporting and developing specific projects to produce meaningful, measurable, and sustainable results.


Connect and collaborate with the communities we serve in a respectful, ethical, and integral way while recognizing the richness inherent in cultural differences and carrying out our work with responsibility, accountability, and compassion.


Honor our commitments by being socially, culturally, environmentally, financially and ethically responsible. Our commitment to stewardship is integral to carrying out our mission, and is reflected every day in the way that we engage with our team, partners and other stakeholders.


Conduct ourselves responsibly and flexibly when interacting and collaborating with people, developing experiences, and fostering outcomes that advance our vision and mission.